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General Conference

Arts and Crafts
See also Crocheting - Advanced

Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 1970

Earning this honor meets a requirement for:

1. Define and crochet the following: ST, SP, STS, RND, INCL, DEC, and INC.

ST, STS stitch, stitches
SP, SPS space, spaces
RND, RNDS round, rounds
INCL inclusive, including
INC increase
DEC decrease

2. Make squares of at least 20 stitches of the following: SC, DC, HDC, TR, and DTR.

3. Show how to measure stitch gauge or row gauge on sample squares.

Here is a good explanation:

4. Know how to care for items made out of wool, orlon, nylon, and cotton.

5. Know how to make a granny square, and show something you have made using a granny square, such as a hat, scarf, pillow cover, etc.

6. Show a sample of simple edging you have made out of thread.

7. Crochet one of the following out of yarn: hat, scarf, sleeveless sweater, or slippers.