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1. Write from memory the complete lower case alphabet in two of the following: Gothic, Roman, or Italic.

"Lettering" is often used to have the same meaning as "Calligraphy". This is the case with this honor. The goal of this requirement is to have the student learn two lowercase alphabets for hand lettering or calligraphy that could be used in the creation of signs and posters.

The words Gothic, Roman, and Italic in this case do not apply to the fonts familiar to us on the computers, (although they are related), but more specifically to the type of letters that could be formed with a calligraphy pen, or with any wedge tipped felt marker. Felt markers are particularly useful for poster and sign making.


The Gothic script (also known as Black Letter) was in common use during the Middle Ages in Western Europe. Because Gothic Script looks antique, it is often chosen to write on certificates, quotes from scripture, or holiday cards.
Wiki Article on Gothic Script
How to form Gothic Script

Sample Gothic script
A Gothic Script


The italic script is called italic because it was developed in Italy during the early Renaissance period. It was adopted for use by Pope Nicholas V.

Wiki Article on Italic Script
How to form Italic Script

Sample Italic Script
An Italic Script


Roman letters were inscribed in stone in ancient Rome, and were only capital letters. All modern styles have descended from Roman Capitals. Lower case Roman styles were developed later by Italian scholars. These lower case forms are also known as bookhand, due to it's popularity in English language printed materials.

Shown here is a version of Roman, known as Single Stroke Roman. It is called this because unlike some of the more complicated Roman letters, each letter can be created without going over any of the strokes more than one time. This makes Single Stroke Roman very useful for poster making and signs.

The following example shows the direction to make the strokes, as well as pen or brush angle for this letter type.

Lower Case Roman

Wiki article on Roman Capitals

2. Demonstrate when the different sizes and types of pens are to be used.

One of the best ways to make lettering for posters is actually with pencils. By placing two regular pencils beside each other and joining with tape, or elastic bands, you can sketch the letters onto a poster, and then use felt markers, paint, or crayons to finish the letters. This is a safe way to make posters, because you can erase any mistakes and redo that spot, while in the sketching phase. If you are making very large letters, you can use 3 or eve 4 pencils, with the middle pencils simply used as spacers.

Here you can see the steps. The two pencils are used to sketch the letter, then a black marker is used to make the letter solid, and finally the pencil marks are erased.
Two Pencil Method

In this example, two pencils were used to sketch the letters first. The first two have been filled in with marker, and the third letter started shading with pencil. You can still see the pencil marks here because they have not yet been erased.
Two Pencil Method
The second example shows how you could create outline letters, by sketching with the two pencil method, and then tracing the lines with a felt marker and erasing the original pencil marks.
Two Pencil Method

3. State at least four principles in making a poster attractive and distinctive. Know how to make correct margins for the size of paper you are using.

4. Make three posters in a variety of sizes to be used by any of the following groups: Sabbath School, church, school, Pathfinder Club, or AYSociety. Use at least two different types of lettering in these posters.

One suggestion is to complete one poster of the Pathfinder Pledge, Law, Aim, or Motto. You could complete the requirement for your level in the section on Personal Growth - Commitment. A poster like this would be considered an art project.

  • Explorer - Pathfinder Pledge
  • Ranger - Pathfinder Law
  • Voyager - Pathfinder Aim
  • Guide - Pathfinder Motto

Other suggestions might be posters for;

  • song lyrics
  • school projects (science fair etc)
  • advertising posters for Pathfinder events
  • summer Bible school poster
  • memory text poster
  • find raising chart poster

5. Make five additional posters on topics of your own choice. These posters will be judged for acceptance on the following three conditions:

a. Arrangement

b. Neatness

c. Selection in type of lettering used.

6. Practice all strokes until they can be done smoothly and accurately.