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Spinning Yarn
North American Division

Arts and Crafts

Skill Level 1
Year of Introduction: 2018

1. Describe the history or progression of spinning.

2. Name at least three types of animal fibers spun today.

3. Name at least one non-animal fiber spun today.

4. Describe why wool lends itself to spinning over other animal fibers.

5. What is the largest source of hand spun wool in your region or country?

6. Find at least three references in the Bible concerning the development of wool materials.

7. Define the following terms:

a. Spinning in the grease

b. Rolag

c. Carding

d. Teasing

e. Whorl

f. Plied yarn

8. Identify the three main categories of spindles. Find examples of each.

9. Construct a drop spindle and demonstrate its use.

10. Explain the steps from fiber to yarn.

11. Demonstrate the carding of any type of animal fiber.

12. Spin at least ten feet of yarn using a drop spindle.

13. Read Matthew 6:28-30. How can you relate what you have experienced in this honor to Jesus’ words?