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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Edible Wild Plants/Puffball Mushrooms

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Giant Puffball Mushroom

Description: Most giant puffballs grow to be 10 to 70 cm in diameter, although occasionally some can reach diameters up to 150 cm and weights of 20 kg. The inside of the mature Giant puffballs is greenish brown, whereas the interior of immature puffballs is white. The large white mushrooms are edible when young.

Where found: Throughout North America

Availability: Late Summer, Fall

Use: Cooked vegetable, or use like cultivated mushrooms

WARNING: Cut the mushroom open before using it, and check for rudimentary gill or stem. The deadly Amanitas looks like a puffball when it is young before its stem grows, but it will have the gills or stem. Also, make sure the interior flesh is pure white rather than yellowish.
Langermannia gigantea R0018880.JPG