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Continuous Lashing

Continuous Lashing

Continuous Lashing is a fun techniques. It is used to create shelves, tables, and other structures.

Comments on the pictures on the right'

  1. Support poles under the 'surface' poles.
  2. Attach string to the support pole using a clove hitch.
  3. Clove hitch, up over surface pole, back down & cross under below support pole, and up over the second surface pole.
  4. Detail of lashing as seen from top.
  5. Detail of lashing as seen from bottom. Inset shows details of clove hitch, and cross-under below support pole.
  6. View from the top.

  • Start with a string/rope that is 4 or 5 times longer than the length of your project.
  • Find the middle/center of the string and attach it to one of the support poles.
  • Put one of the surface sticks on top of the support pole and bring both ends of the string over this surface stick.
  • Continue back down below the support pole.
  • Cross the string under the support pole.
  • Bring it back up and over the next surface stick and then back down and cross under the support pole.
  • Repeat for the remaining surface sticks.
  • End off with a square knot when all the surface sticks are attached.