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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Nature/Endangered Species

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Endangered Animals

Skill Level 2 Approved 2/2005 North American Division 2001 Edition

1. Define the following terms:





food chain


2. Write Genesis 1:28 in your own words.

3. List four factors that have caused animals to become endangered.

4. Name four animals that are now extinct.

5. List four things that are being done to save endangered animals.

6. List four activities you can do to help wild animals.

==7. List ten endangered animals. Tell where they live and why they have become endangered.==

8. Do two of the following activities:

a. Visit a zoo or animal preserve that has one or more endangered animals in residence. List what animal(s) you saw, where they normally live, and why they have become endangered.

b. Watch a video about an endangered animal. List what animal(s) you saw, where they normally live, and why they have become endangered.

c. Choose an endangered animal and write or give orally a short report about it. Tell where it normally lives, why it has become endangered, what is being done to save it, and any other special details about this particular animal that you have learned.

d. Make a scrapbook about endangered animals. This may include newspaper articles, stories, pictures, stamps, or drawings. This may be a group project.

e. Do an environment circle.

With a group of 10-20 persons, form a loose circle with people evenly spaced within. Have each person represent something in the environment such as animals, grasslands, forests, etc. Then take a spool of heavy thread or string and connect each person to others in the circle. Have the leader start cutting the connections and start taking individuals out of the circle and see how the remaining persons are affected by the loss. Help the group to see that each thing in nature is very necessary to the survival of everything else in nature.