Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Regional/State Study (North Dakota)

State Study (North Dakota)
Florida Conference


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Year of Introduction: 2007

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For answers to other states, see State Study.

1. Make a scrapbook to include the following information. Use pictures, maps, or drawings to make it attractive.*

2. Name the state and the year it joined the union.

North Dakota became a state on the 2nd of November of 1889, the 39th state to join the Union.

3. Draw or find a picture of the following:

a. State flower

The North Dakota state flower is the Wild Prairie Rose (Rosa arkansana).

Wild Prairie Rose (Rosa arkansana)

b. State bird

The North Dakota state bird is the Western Meadowlark (Sturnella neglecta).

Western Meadowlark (Sturnella neglecta)

c. State tree

The North Dakota state tree is the American Elm (Ulmus americana).

American Elm (Ulmus americana)

d. State animal

North Dakota has a honorary state equine, which is the Nokota Horse (Equus ferus caballus).

Nokota Horse (Equus ferus caballus)

e. State flag

Flag of North Dakota

4. Name the state song and motto.

The North Dakota state song is the "North Dakota Hymn". It was written by a poet named James Foley in 1926 in such a way that it could be sung along with the tune of "The Austrian Hymn". C. S. Putman arranged the music with distinct ragtime syncopation.

The motto is "Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable."

5. Draw a map and show the capital, major cities, rivers, and lakes.

Map of North Dakota

6. Name the national parks and three state parks.

National Parks

State Parks

7. Name at least two natural resources, major products, and industries, etc.

8. Name at least three interesting places to visit.

Having visited the state on several occasions, I believe that there is nothing interesting to see in North Dakota unless you love lots of flat prairie in all directions.

However, in addition to the parks listed below, some people like to see:

  1. The National Buffalo Museum and live herd can be found in Jamestown . See all things buffalo
  2. The International Peace Garden is located on the international border of North Dakota and Manitoba, Canada. Opened in 1932 as a symbol of peace and friendship and claims to be the longest unfortified border in the world. More than 150,000 tourists visit each year to view the unique floral displays in the 2,339 acre Botanical Garden.
  3. The Dakota Zoo in Bismarck, North Dakota covers 90 acres and is home to 600 animals, birds, reptiles and fish representing 125 species including bison, praire dogs and other species native to North Dakota. Visited by more than 130,000 people each year.

9. Name the Seventh-day Adventist conference president.

10. Name the city where the conference office is located.

11. How many of the following does the SDA denomination have in this state?

a. Churches

b. Schools

c. Hospitals

d. Members

e. Pathfinders

12. Does this state have an SDA college or university? If so, give name and location.


13. Give the month and year you collected this information.

September 2014

14. Use pamphlets for parks and places to visit.


Important Notes

*The patch is designed so that you can add one star to the flag for every state you study for the honor.

This is a Regional Honor offered by the Florida Conference. You can obtain the patch and additional stars for each state you study from the Florida Pathfinder Store. You can NOT get these items from AdventSource or other Conferences.

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