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Investiture Achievement/Friend/Health and Fitness

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Requirement 1

Learn the value of good nutrition and water by discussing and/or participating in the activities listed below:

  • The Choose My Plate guidelines
  • The daily servings for each food group
  • The importance of a balanced diet
  • The importance of drinking a healthy amount of water (these are requirements #1 and #6 of the Nutrition Honor)

Choose My Plate Guidelines

"Choose My Plate" is the current version of the food pyramid as recommended by the US Department of Agriculture. The guidelines can be found at

Note that the USDA is required to update these guidelines every five years. The My Plate guidelines divides foods into six groups:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Grains
  • Proteins
  • Dairy
  • Oils

Daily Servings

Because dietary choices are complex (and somewhat politicized), the USDA provides several charts on their web site for the recommended daily amounts. Total food intake needs to be balanced against physical activity (less activity means less food should be eaten) as well as age and gender.

We recommend that you visit the USDA's Choose My Plate site and look up the charts for the age, gender, and activity levels for the Pathfinders in your unit. If possible, visit the web site with your Pathfinders present so that you can engage them in a meaningful discussion.

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet will give a person all the nutrients needed without providing too many of one type. The majority of a persons food should be nutrient-dense rather than calorie-dense.

Nutrient-dense Calorie-dense
Green leafy vegetables Potatoes & other starchy foods
Fruits Meat & Dairy
Broccoli Candy
Brussels sprouts Ice cream
Squash Cakes & pies

Consuming more calories than you burn will result in weight gain. Consuming less calories than you burn will result in weight loss. When the two are balanced, a person's weight will remain relatively constant. For optimum health, adjust your weight until it is at a healthy level, and then maintain that weight.


Water is an important nutrient, without which life becomes impossible. It is necessary for the elimination of waste from the body, for cooling the body, for the digestion of food, and many other functions. Drink plenty of water. It is difficult to drink more than your body can use.

Requirement 2

Earn the Red Alert Honor.

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Note that teaching this honor meets a Health and Fitness requirement for the Guide class. Before teaching this honor to a group of Friends, you should coordinate with the Guide unit's counselor.

Requirement 3

Complete the Basic Water Safety Honor OR Beginner Swimming Honor, if not previously earned.

The requirements, as well as instructions and tips for teaching the Basic Water Safety and Swimming - Beginner honors can be found in the Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book.

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Requirement 4

Complete Friend requirements.

Requirement 5

Participate in a lifestyle fitness program for your age such as:

  • President’s Challenge Active Lifestyle Program
  • Live Healthy Bermuda Kids
  • Or similar program

The President's Challenge Active Lifestyle Program is a program designed to bring a person's physical activity and dietary habits into a healthy balance. Visit their website to sign up.