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 h English (en)*The [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/Nature/Flowers|Flowers]] Honor is Skill Level 2
*The [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/Nature/Shells|Shells]] Honor is Skill Level 2
*The [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/Nature/Lichens,_Liverworts_%26_Mosses|Lichens, Liverworts & Mosses]] is a Skill Level 3
*While building an insect collection is an option above, the [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/Nature/Insects|Insects]] Honor, is a Skill Level 1 and therefore does not meet this requirement. Extend your collection to 50 specimens and earn the [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/Nature/Insects_-_Advanced|Insects - Advanced]] honor which does meet this requirement.
 h Spanish (es){{clear}}