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(Recreation [Recreation Master][Wilderness Master])
(Recreation [Recreation Master][Wilderness Master])
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[[File:Cold Weather Survival.png|100px]]
[[File:Cold Weather Survival.png|96px]]
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[[File:Geocaching Honor.png|100px]]
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Why Bluescifiworm?

The tag bluescifiworm has a bit of a history behind it. Originally, I picked it because it was unique (You know how hard it is to come up with something no one else has used as a online tag?). I chose it because of the following reasons.

  1. I like the color blue.
  2. I love reading scifi books, specifically, Star Trek, Star Wars, Honor Harrington series (by David Weber), and Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern series.
  3. I'm a bit of a bookworm. Well, maybe a lot of a bookworm ;)

A bit of background

My name is Cailin. I am 34 years old. In May of 2012, I completed a Bachelor of Science degree at Tarleton State University in Horticulture and Landscape Management with a Business Administration minor. I also hold an Associate of Science in Graphic Design. Some may ask... "Why change fields?" Well, the answer for that is a tad bit complex. At the time I was working on my AS, Graphic Design was a highly sought-after skill, and I found myself to be reasonably skilled with it. It is difficult, however, to find a job when people are starting to be able to do this kind of work for themselves. I spent over a year looking without much success. I then moved around a bit, finally ending up in Texas during the late summer of 2006. I did find some work, but it wasn't what I was really wanting, or what made good use of my skills. After that, I spent 6 months in AmeriCorps and then 8 months working for the IRS, then I decided to go back to school. My stint in AmeriCorps had rekindled my love for the outdoors that I'd had growing up.


I was in Pathfinders from 1998ish to about 2005. In that time, I was active in two clubs - Merrimack Valley (Manchester) and then Portsmouth Living Waters. I started Pathfinders in Merrimack Valley when Pathfinders still had the green pants and skirts. It was a BIG change uniform wise to go from green and khaki to black and khaki, but I have to admit, it looks a lot sharper, and we look less like Boy Scouts. That is not to say however, that I dislike Boy Scouts as an organization. I think they are a wonderful group of people, and when I was younger, I had opportunity to interact with quite a few. The summer camp I went to for physically challenged kids was on a Boy Scout reservation.

During my time in Pathfinders, I completed many honors, and 3 classes (now called Investiture Achievements) and began work on my Master Guide requirements as well as completing the full four years of the TLT (Teen Leadership Training) program. I thought I would have to start my Master Guide over again when I returned to Pathfindering after a 6 year absence, but I worked closely with others in my local club to complete the remaining requirements. In 2004, I had the opportunity to travel to the 2004 "Faith on Fire" International Pathfinder Camporee in Oskkosh, WI. with the Portsmouth Living Waters. That was something I will never forget.

I completed my Master Guide in May of 2013 and was invested on June 1st, 2013. I'm so glad to have it finally finished. It was a long time coming. But, with the encouragement and help of many people, I have finally completed it. Master Guide is roughly equivalent to Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts.

Investiture Achievement


Navigator advance.png Pioneer advanced.pngVoyager Ribbon.jpegRanger Ribbon.jpeg Explorer Ribbon.jpegCompanion Ribbon.jpegFriend Ribbon.jpeg

MG invest strip.png

Strip invest friend.jpg Strip invest companion.jpg Strip invest explorer.jpg Strip invest ranger.jpg

Strip invest voyager.jpg Strip invest guide.jpg Pioneer tab.png Navigator tab.png

Completed Honors

Vocational [Technichian Master]

Technician Master.png

Accounting Honor.png Artificial Intelligence.png Blacksmithing Honor.png Bookbinding Honor.png

Bookkeeping Honor.png Computers Advanced.png Fire Safety.png Forestry Honor.png

House Painting - Interior.png Internet Advanced.png Masonry Honor.png Printing Honor.png

Teaching Honor.png Video Honor.png

Household Arts [Homemaking Master]

Homemaking Master Award.png

Baking Honor.png Basic Sewing.png Cooking Advanced.png Dressmaking Advanced.png

Food Canning Honor.png Food Drying Honor.png Housekeeping Honor.png Laundering Honor.png

Nutrition Honor.png Pizza Maker.png Quilting Honor.png

Nature [Naturalist Master] [Zoology Master]

Naturalist Master Award.png Zoologist Master Award.png

Alternative Fuels.png Amphibians Honor.png Cats Advanced.png Edible Wild Plants Honor.png

Ferns Honor.png Flowers Advanced.png Fungi Honor.png Herbs Honor.png

House Plants Honor.png Insects Advanced.png Livestock Honor.png Mammals Honor.png

Maple Sugar Honor.png Moths and Butterflies Honor.png Odonates Advanced.png Raptors Honor.png

Rocks and Minerals Honor.png Seeds Honor.png Shells Honor.png Shrubs Honor.png

Soils Honor.png Spiders Honor.png Stars Honor.png Taiga Honor.png

Trees Advanced.png Water Science Honor.png

Recreation [Recreation Master][Wilderness Master]

Recreation Master Award.png Wilderness Master.png

Basic Water Safety Honor.png Basketball Honor.png Camp Craft.png Camp Safety Advanced.png

Camping Skills I.png Camping Skills II.png Camping Skills III.png Camping Skills IV.png

Cold Weather Survival.png Drilling and Marching Advanced.png Fire Building.png Geocaching Honor.png

Gold Prospecting Honor.png Hiking Honor.png Knot Tying Honor.png Orienteering Honor.png

Outdoor Leadership Honor.png Softball Honor.png Wilderness Living Honor.png Winter Camping Honor.png

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies [Artisan Master]

Artisan Master.png

Block-Printing.png Bridges.png Cake-Decorating.png Candle-Making.png

Currency Honor.png Decoupage Honor.png Digital photography.png Drawing Advanced.png

Duct Tape Honor.png Feltcraft.png Flower Arrangement.png Gift Wrapping Honor.png

Glass Etching.png Glass Painting.png Leathercraft.png Model Cars Honor.png

Model Rocketry Honor.png Painting Advanced.png Pinewood Derby Honor.png Pin Trading.png

Origami Honor.png String Art Honor.png Tie-Dye Honor.png

Spiritual Growth, Outreach & Heritage [Spiritual Growth and Ministries Master]

Spiritual Growth and Ministries.png

Adventist Heritage.png Adventurer for Christ Advanced.png Christian Citizenship.png Christian Drama.png

Christian Grooming and Manners Honor.png Christian Storytelling.png Cultural Diversity Honor.png Outdated Flags AY Honor.png

Hymns Honor.png Literature Evangelism Honor.png Personal Evangelism Honor.png Sanctuary Honor.png

Temperance Honor.png Tutoring Honor.png

Health and Science

Basic Rescue.png CPR Honor.png First Aid Basic Honor.png First Aid Standard Honor.png

Health and Healing Honor.png Heart and Circulation Honor.png Red Alert Honor.png

Outdoor Industries

Flower Culture Honor.png Gardening Honor.png

Honors I have Taught

In order by most recent first.

Alternative Fuels.png Basic Rescue.png Basic Sewing.png Camp Craft.png

Camp Safety.png Camping Skills II.png Christian Grooming and Manners Honor.png Cooking Honor.png

Ferns Honor.png First Aid Basic Honor.png Outdated Flags AY Honor.png Flower Arrangement.png

Gift Wrapping Honor.png Knot Tying Honor.png Literature Evangelism Honor.png Red Alert Honor.png

Stars Honor.png Teaching Honor.png Water Science Honor.png

Then, and Now

I won't bore you with all the details, but I think this degree will be of much more use to me. I've recently returned to the East Coast, and gotten involved in Pathfinders again... and it feels almost like I never left. That to me is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world... to be welcomed back by friends you haven't seen in well over half a decade, and it's like you never left.

One of the things that I'm really looking forward to is sharing my knowledge here on the wiki for other Pathfinders, staff, and Master Guides. I feel that is how I can minister in my own right.


If you need to contact me with a question or comment, please do so here on the Discussion Section of my User Page, or leave a comment on the Talk page of the Honor or IA class I've been working on. You can check this by looking at my current list of projects here on this page, or checking the edit history of any Honor page. I do try to watch pages I work on frequently.

Important Notes

Basic Rescue[1] , CPR[2], and Red Alert [3] were moved from Outreach [now Spiritual Growth and Ministries, and Outreach] to the Health and Science category. They now have a purple background instead of dark blue, though many Pathfinders (including me!) have the older patches from before the change went into effect. The Spiritual Growth and Ministries Master Award[4] has replaced the Witnessing Master Award.

Honors/IA I am currently working on editing

I try to keep this list current