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==More formatting stuff==
==More formatting stuff==
We can put text in '''bold''', or in ''italics'', or '''''bold italics.'''''  We can also _underline__.
We can put text in '''bold''', or in ''italics'', or '''''bold italics.'''''  We can also _underline_.
[[File:Little cat.jpg|thumb|300px|The Internet is made of kittens]].
[[File:Little cat.jpg|thumb|300px|The Internet is made of kittens]].

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Test Page

This is a test page.


It has a subsection


Which has a subsection of its own.

Another Section

  1. With a numbered list
  2. Containing three items.
  3. This is the third one.
  • Also, an unnumbered list.
  • With multiple items.
have definitions.
Pathfinder Bible Experience
Adventist Youth

More formatting stuff

We can put text in bold, or in italics, or bold italics. We can also _underline_.

The Internet is made of kittens

Templates can be used for consistent formatting of data, or to capture information that we use in multiple places:

Vaccinium macrocarpon (Cranberry)

Description: This shrub grows best in very acidic environments. Many species of insects eat, live off and reproduce on cranberry bushes. Cranberries are grown commercially in man-made bogs.

Cranberry bog.jpg

I can't always remember how to do all this stuff myself, so here's what I do:

  • Look at a page that does something you'd like to do, and click the edit link to see how they did it.
  • Search "mediawiki table formatting" - there is a lot of material on the web explaining this stuff.
  • Leave a question on the site's Discussion page, or on the page's Discussion page.
  • Or... just add plain text, and Jaceil and I will be happy to format it for you. Really.