Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Nature/Nocturnal Animals

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Nocturnal Animals
South American Division


Skill Level 1
Year of Introduction: 2012

Limited Availability

1. What are nocturnal animals?

2. How are nocturnal animals influenced by the weather they live in?

3. Choose and present the following characteristics of two nocturnal animals:

a. Habitat

b. Type of sexual reproduction

c. Eating habits

d. Habits

4. Name at least three nocturnal animals in the following classes:

a. Mammals

b. Insects

c. Amphibians

d. Birds

e. Reptiles

5. Describe why the senses of nocturnal animals are fundamental to be able to live in the dark.

6. Complete at least one of the following activities:

a. Observe for at least two days a nocturnal animal and present a report of its behavior.

b. Complete a night-time visit to an aquarium or zoo and present a report of your contact with the animals.

7. What are Chiroptera? What are their benefits and dangers to mankind?

8. Discover three nocturnal animals in the Bible.