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Shrubs - Advanced
South American Division


Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 2012

Limited Availability

1. Have the Shrubs honor.

This Wiki has a page with instructions and tips for earning the Shrubs honor.

2. Know what decorative shrubs are and discover at least one technique for decorating shrubs.

3. Care for a shrub for at least one month and report on the different methods of care.

4. Give three examples of the following types of shrubs:

a. Flowering shrubs

b. Fruit shrubs

5. Observe a shrub for at least one month and report on as many insects possible (at least three) that come to find pollen or nectar in the flowers.

6. Name three important foods, wild or cultivated, found in shrubs in your area.

7. List at least 60 different kinds of shrubs and collect, preserve and correctly identify flowers, leaves, seeds, seed pods or branches with buds of 20 shrubs mentioned in your list.