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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Other/Counselor JumpStart Certification

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Pathfinder Counselor JumpStart Certificate
North American Division


Year of Introduction: 2014
Pathfinder Counselor JumpStart Certification.png

"This certification is authorized for use by those who have not yet become invested Master Guides. It is intended to provide a foundation for staff members who will hold the most important role in Pathfinder Ministry, that of counselor. The seminars should be taken before a staff member actually takes up duties as a counselor, hence its JumpStart name. It is designed to be taught in a 6 hour intensive session. Much of the field work will be done during the year of service. This certification was approved by the NAD Pathfinder Committee in 2011 for piloting with action PA 2011.03 and in 2013 for adoption with action PA 2013.08."

Certification Requirements


1. Be at least 18 years old.
2. Be at least 8 years older than your unit members.
3. Be a baptized Seventh-day Adventist Christian who loves Jesus and is willing to share this love in both word and deed.
4. Hold a Pathfinder Basic Staff Training Certification.


PYSO 121 Discipling & Discipline: An act of discipling
PFAD 100 The Pathfinder Chain of Command: The counselor’s support team
PFAD 101 The Counselor’s responsibilities
RCSF 120 Safety and the Counselor `
PYSO 124 The Counselor’s relationship with the Pathfinder

Required Field Work

1. Take part in a commissioning ceremony after seminar training and before active service begins.
2. Be an active Pathfinder staff member for a year.
3. Establish a mentoring relationship with an experienced counselor. Document the conversations, advice and evaluations of your service that they share with you over the course of a Pathfinder year.
4. Participate in a daily Bible reading or devotional plan for at least six months. Use of an audio or video Bible is acceptable.
5. Create a Portfolio that contains the handouts and your personal notes from the seminars you attend. Include copies of your notes and documentation that shows completion of field work requirements.

Recommended Field Work

1. Hold a current CPR certification from a nationally recognized organization.
2. Hold a current First Aid certification from a nationally recognized organization.


"Curriculum author: Upper Columbia Conf. (Frosty and June Cross, Darrell Janke, Carolyn Bullock, Virginia Bobbitt, Anita Lebold, C. R. Cloud) • Date: 2008 UCC has developed extensive requirements for their UCC Counselor Certifi cation program. This NAD Certifi cation represents only a modification of the first phase of their curriculum. Additional phases may be adopted by NAD at a later date."