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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Other/Pathfinder Director Certification

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Pathfinder Director Certificate
North American Division


Year of Introduction: 2014
Pathfinder Director Certification.png

"This certification is authorized for use by those who have not yet become invested Master Guides. It is intended to provide a strong foundation for someone who has little if any prior experience with Pathfinders, but has been asked to serve as club director by their local church. Ideally the seminars should be taken before the new director actually takes up their duties. The field work would be done during their first year as a director, associate director or deputy director. This certification was approved by the NAD Pathfinder Committee in 2011 for piloting with action PA 2011.03 and in 2013 for adoption with action PA 2013.08."

Certification Requirements


1. Be at least 18 years old
2. Be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian who loves Jesus and is willing to share this love in both word and deed.
3. Hold a Pathfinder Basic Staff Training Certification


LEAD 001 Introduction to leadership skills
LEAD 150 Introduction to volunteer/staff management
LEAD 122 Dealing with the conference and your local church board
PYSO 120 Survey of disciplinary theory and technique
WILD 001 Survey of camping and camp out planning
EDUC 200 Teaching Investiture Achievement: Intent and organization
FINA 100 Handling finances
PYSO 207 Dealing with parents

Required Field Work

1. Establish a mentoring relationship with an experienced director. Document the conversations and advice that they share with you over the course of a Pathfinder year.
2. Read the Pathfinder Staff Manual and compile a list of action items for the upcoming Pathfinder year.
3. Create a Portfolio that contains copies of your Pathfinder Calendar, meeting schedules, permission slips and other paperwork that shows your leadership of a club during the year. Include handouts and your personal notes from the seminars you attend and copies of your mentoring notes and action plans as you complete requirements 1 and 2.


AYMT Pathfinder Staff Training Program Description -V.0