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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Other/Pathfinder Leadership Certification

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Pathfinder Leadership Certificate
North American Division


Year of Introduction: 2014
Pathfinder Leadership Certification.png

"This certification is authorized for use by those who are invested Master Guides as continuing education. It is intended to provide a deeper understanding of the ministry of Pathfinders . This certification was approved by the NAD Pathfinder Committee in 2011 for piloting with action PA 2011.03 and in 2013 for adoption with action PA 2013.08."

Certification Requirements


1. Be a Master Guide
2. Hold a Pathfinder Basic Staff Training Certification or have completed an earlier Pathfinder BST program*
3. Be an active Pathfinder staff member


PFAD 110 Pathfindering as a ministry
PFAD 113 Investiture Achievement as ministry
PFAD 112 Counseling as a ministry
PYSO 204 Dealing with attitudes
OUTR 117 Evangelism by and with the Pathfinder Club
OUTR 111 Creative witnessing
SPRT 204 Mentoring staff in personal and spiritual growth
SPRT 105 Leading young people to Christ

Required Field Work

1. Read the AY Encounter Series II, Christ the Church, or participate in another daily Bible reading plan for at least six months. Use of an audio or video Bible is acceptable.
2. Hold a current CPR certification from a nationally recognized organization.
3. Hold a current First Aid certification from a nationally recognized organization.
4. Read or listen to a book on leadership, preferably one on ministry leadership. Prepare an action plan indicating how you intend to implement the things you have learned into your Pathfinder ministry. Carry out that plan and evaluate the results.
5. Develop a written, comprehensive plan for a year of Pathfinder programming. Beyond activities, it should include specific goals and action steps for spiritual and outreach ministry.
6. Create a Portfolio that contains copies of your Pathfinder Calendar, meeting schedules, permission slips and other paperwork that shows your leadership of a club during the year. Include handouts and your personal notes from the seminars you attend and copies of your notes and work as you complete requirements 1 to 5.

* The intent of this requirement is to make sure the Master Guide has Pathfinder training, since some Master Guides have taken Basic Staff Training in Adventurers or some another branch of youth ministry.


AYMT Pathfinder Staff Training Program Description -V.0