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Adventist Pioneers
South American Division


Skill Level 1
Year of Introduction: 2012

Limited Availability

1. Discover what the Millerite Movement was and what was its fundamental role for the beginning of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

2. Explain the Great Disappointment based on the prophecy of Daniel 8.

3. Study about Ellen G. White and what is the role of her teachings within the church.

4. Know the structural organization of the Adventist Church. Prepare an ecclesiastical flow chart.

5. Present a biographical summary on the following leaders:

a. William Miller

b. James White

c. Ellen G. White

d. Joseph Bates

e. J.N. Andrews

f. Harry Fenner

g. Luther Warren

h. Another preferred pioneer of the SDAC

6. Which leaders can be considered as the Pathfinder pioneers in the world, the Division, and in the country? Develop an audiovisual presentation about them and present it to the club or in an opportune moment, decided with the instructor.

7. Choose another department of the SDAC and discover facts about its foundation. Give special attention to the behavior of the pioneers in those departments. Present the report.

8. Discover how the Adventist movement in your country began. Give special attention to the behavior of the pioneers in the process.

9. Know the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and present a report about its importance. Show two Bible verses for each fundamental belief.