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Audio and Sound
South American Division

See also Audio and Sound - Advanced

Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 2012

Limited Availability

Earning this honor meets a requirement for:

1. Define what is audio and sound.

2. What are the necessary qualities that a person should have in charge of audio and sound in church?

3. Know and mention the usefulness of the following equipment:

a. Mixing console

b. Microphone

c. Earphones

d. Multi cabling

e. Equalizer

f. Feedback

g. Compressor

h. Speakers

4. What is the function of a mixing console? Using the mixing console of the church, mention its main inputs and outputs, and say what each button does.

5. What are the most used types of cables? Define the uses of each one.

6. What types of microphones are the most used?

7. What can prevent the proper functioning of a wireless microphone?

8. What is equalization?

9. What is the function of a compressor?

10. Why does reverberation happen and how can it be avoided?

11. What is the importance of having divine worship service to operate sound and audio?

12. Operate the mixing console during at least two programs, under the direction of the audio and sound manager of the church.

13. Assist the audio and sound team of your church for at least three months.