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The following honors have been approved at a more regional level, not at the Division or General Conference level. Some honors first pioneered on a regional level eventually are adopted by a Division or the General Conference for use world wide, while others are more tailored to specific locations and are unlikely to be offered outside the area of creation.

We present these honors as a matter of interest. Anyone is free to work on these regional honors but you will need to obtain the patch from the sponsoring organization, as it will not be stocked outside the offering region.

If you are aware of a regional honor not listed, please add it to the wiki. If you are not comfortable adding it, just choose the discussion page tab above and save a link or note on where to find the honor requirements so someone else can work on adding the honor to this wiki.

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Index of Regional Honors (27)

The NAD is unique in that it allows local unions and conferences to create localized honors. Other divisions do not allow this.

Florida Conference Approved Honors

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies
0% developed Scrapbooking (FL) (Adopted by NAD)
0% developed Scrapbooking (FL) - Advanced (Adopted by NAD)
0% developed Sketching

Bible Character & Activity Series
0% developed Abraham & Sand Art
0% developed Daniel and Drama
0% developed Esther and Gourmet Cooking
0% developed Jonah & Paper Maché
0% developed Joseph Tie-Dying
0% developed Noah and Balloon Animals

Household Arts
25% developed  as of 5 Dec, 2006 Home Maintenance

0% developed Creation
0% developed Crystals
0% developed Hurricanes
0% developed Manatees
0% developed Natural Disasters
0% developed Tides
0% developed Tides - Advanced
0% developed Space Exploration
100% developed Volcanoes

0% developed  as of 5 Dec, 2006 High Ropes
0% developed  as of 5 Dec, 2006 High Ropes - Advanced

Spiritual Growth, Outreach & Heritage
0% developed Crime Prevention
0% developed Disability Awareness
0% developed Disability Awareness - Advanced
25% developed State Study - Links to State by State Answers
0% developed Adventist Church Heritage Award (FL)(Adopted by NAD)

Other Honors approved by local conferences within the NAD

0% developed Jamestown (Potomac Conference)
0% developed Louisiana Purchase (Arkansas-Louisiana Conference)

Division Honors
GC tiny.png

General Conference

EAD tiny.png

East Africa Division

EUD tiny.png

Euro Africa Division/Trans-European Division

NAD tiny.png

North American Division

SAD tiny.png

South American Division

SPD tiny.png

South Pacific Division

Index of Regional Honors by Skill Level

Regional Skill Level 1 Skill Level 2 Skill Level 3