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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Regional/Coquí - Advanced

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Coquí - Advanced
Puerto Rican Union


Skill Level Unknown
Year of Introduction: Unknown

Limited Availability



1. Have the Coquí honor.

This Wiki has a page with instructions and tips for earning the Coquí honor.

2. Demonstrate slides or photos of five different coquís than those demonstrated in the basic honor, giving the scientific name.

3. Demonstrate slides or photos of two Eleutherodactylus in other countries, besides Puerto Rico.

4. Which are the only coquís that sing or call during the day and why do they do it?

They sing in the day to protect their territory.

5. Which coquís live in the following habitats:

a. Floor of the forest.

b. Under the ground, fallen leaves and roots in the cloud forest of El Yunque National Forest.

c. High vegetation.

d. In the grass.

e. Low vegetation.

f. Bromeliads.

g. Caves known as the "guajonales."

h. In rivers and streams.

i. In trees.

j. In the herbaceous wetlands of Sabana Seca (Toa Baja).

6. Of the Puerto Rican coquí, which:

a. is the only one with webbed feet?

The web-footed coquí.

b. does not lay eggs?

The golden coquí.

c. doesn't have a t-shape in its terminal phalanx?

The Dwarf coquí.

d. demonstrates sexual dimorphism?

The Puerto Rican rock frog.

e. is the only one endemic to El Yunque, Puerto Rico?

The Dwarf coquí.

f. is known as the "demon of Puerto Rico?"

The Puerto Rican rock frog.

g. has lower reproductive capacity?

The Plain's coquí.

7. Among frogs, toads and coquís, the female usually is larger than the male. Among the coquís of Puerto Rico, which male is larger than the female?

The web-footed coquí.

8. Among the coquís, who is responsible for the care and incubation of the brood of eggs?

The male is responsible.

9. What is the lifespan of the coquí?

2 years in the wild, 4 years in captivity.

10. Visit the habitat of at least three species of coquí, and if possible, take a photo of coquí.

11. Choose a coquí species and extract a spiritual lesson, application or illustration, and share it with the club.