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Florida Conference


Skill Level Unknown
Year of Introduction: 2014

Limited Availability

1. Read Genesis chapters 1 & 2 from your Bible.

You can also read these chapters at BibleGateway.

2. Recite from memory what was made each day of Creation week.

  • Day 1: (Genesis 1:1-5) Light, day & night
  • Day 2: (Genesis 1:6-8) Firmament, sky & atmosphere
  • Day 3: (Genesis 1:9-13) Dry land, seas, & vegetation
  • Day 4: (Genesis 1:14-19) Sun, moon, & stars
  • Day 5: (Genesis 1:20-23) Birds & fish
  • Day 6: (Genesis 1:24-31) Man & animals
  • Day 7: (Genesis 2:1-3) Sabbath

3. List the four rivers that flowed from the Garden of Eden.

Genesis 2:10-14

  1. Pishon
  2. Gihon
  3. Tigris
  4. Euphrates

4. List the ages of five people who lived before the flood & list the oldest living man.

Genesis 5

  • Adam 930
  • Seth 912
  • Enosh 905
  • Cainan 910
  • Mahalalel 895
  • Jared 962
  • Enoch 365 (translated)
  • Methuselah 969
  • Lamech 707

Methuselah has been recognized as being the oldest living man but, in fact, Enoch is the oldest because he was translated to heaven without seeing death.

5. List five changes from the original Creation as a result of sin.

Genesis 3:14-24

  • Death
  • Sorrow in childbirth
  • Cursed ground, thorns & thistles
  • Both the serpent & animals where cursed & changed.
  • Clothing was now needed because the glory of God no longer covered them.

Other examples may be found that are not in these texts.

6. By whose hand was the first life taken?

Genesis 3:21
God! An animal was killed to make clothing. This was the first death resulting from sin (Adam & Eve now needed clothing).

Genesis 4
Cain's murder of Abel could also be used.

7. Research fossil records & relate size differences of plants or animals & compare them to today.

Snake: Titanoboa[1] found in Columbia. It was 42 ft. and weighed 2,500 pounds.

Dragonfly: Wings span of 30 inches.[2]

Centipede: 5 ft. long, 1 ft. wide.[3]

Prehistoric Rat: Was the size of a buffalo of today.[4]

Shark: Megalodon, over 60ft, 14ft in diameter, size of a school bus or house trailer.[5]

Frog: 16 inches, 10 pounds, size of a beach ball.[6]

Penguin: 5 ft. tall[7]

Sea Scorpion: 8.2 ft. with an 18-inch claw[8]

There are many websites where you can find pictures & sizes of fossils. The National Geographic website has several. Your local library should also have some good resources. Be cautious of your sources because there are many fakes & unproven claims.

8. Give an example, from the Bible, of the size of ancient people.

Dueteronomy 3:11
Bed: 13-14 ft. long & was 6 ft. wide

9. Read Chapter 2 "The Creation" in the book Patriarchs & Prophets by Ellen G. White. Write or give an oral summary of what you have learned from studying this honor.

You can read or print the chapter in the following link: EGW Writings - Patriarchs and Prophets, page 44

10. Visit one of the following: Zoo, Aquarium, State Park, Nursery or Gardens,& give your club director a report of the diversity & wonder of the things you saw of God's creation.

If you are planning to visit a zoo or aquarium, be aware that there are various honors that have requirements which can be met by visiting a zoo or aquarium. Individuals can work on multiple honors in one visit, or parts of your group may work on different honors during the same visit.

Here is a list of honors which have requirements that can be met by visiting a zoo or aquarium:


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