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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Regional/Cryptography - Advanced

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Cryptography - Advanced
Southeast Asia Union


Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 2019

Limited Availability

1. What is Gematria and who developed it?

2. What is the significance and symbolism behind the certain numbers (gematria) found in the Bible?

3. What are the seven Roman letters that represent Roman numbers and how are they used to form other numbers?

4. What is the most common emergency number (emergency code) around the world?

5. What city first introduced a telephone emergency number (emergency code)? What was that number?

6. What are "ICE" numbers (or ICE codes)?

7. What are "love numbers" (or love codes) found in some cultures?

8. Why is the use of the number code "555" such a comical contrast when used in Thailand slang as compared to its use in China?

9. What are runes and how are they sometimes used to send secret messages?

10. Know at least four substitution ciphers (codes) which encode secret messages using numbers.

  • Number substitution code
  • Nomisweis code
  • Tap code
  • Pig Pen number code
  • Morse code as numbers -- MAN & MANOE
  • Braille code as numbers -- BAN & BANAM
  • Semaphore code as numbers -- SAN