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High Ropes
Florida Conference

See also High Ropes - Advanced

Skill Level Unknown
Year of Introduction: Unknown

Limited Availability

Earning this honor meets a requirement for:

(Instructor required)

1. Name three different kinds, sizes, and uses of ropes.

2. Know how to tie the following knots and their uses:

a. Bowline on a bight

b. Square

c. Surgeon's

d. Prusik

e. Barrel

f. Bowline

g. Figure eight

h. Retraced figure eight

3. Know how to tie a Studebaker seat. Know regulation length of rope for a Studebaker seat.

4. Be able to identify and tell the uses of the following:

a. Locking D Carabiner

b. Rapid Link

c. Figure eight device

d. Sticht plate

e. Helmet

5. Set and work towards a personal goal.

6. Know and demonstrate proper spotting techniques.

7. Participate in four low elements.

8. Know and use proper climber commands.

9. Create your own spiritual metaphor for two of the low elements.

10. Name three objectives for participating in a ropes program.

11. Attempt two high elements. Complete at least one high element.

12. Know and list three elements of an effective and safe belay.


Important Note about Patch

This honor is a regional honor approved by the Florida Conference. To obtain the honor patch you must contact the Florida Conference at

The Florida Conference produced the patch with the dark green Recreation background, but for purposes of this wiki we classify the honor as a Regional honor.