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Florida Conference


Skill Level Unknown
Year of Introduction: Unknown

Limited Availability

1. What is the common name, kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species, and subspecies of the manatee.

2. What do manatees eat and how much per day?

3. Where to manatees live and what is their habitat and range?

4. Give a detailed description of a manatee.

5. How do manatees breathe and how often do they need to come up for air?

6. Write an essay on the reproduction, gestation, and the relationship the female manatee has with her young.

7. How do manatees communicate?

8. What is their behavior like?

9. What value does the manatee have to man?

10. Know the rules when boating or jet skiing around manatees.

11. Know all water signs when boating or jet skiing.

12. What are the do’s and don’ts when near a manatee?

13. What are the manatee’s enemies and problems?

14. What are other Sirenian species?

15. Visit an area where you can observe manatees in their habitat.


Important Note about Patch

This honor is a regional honor approved by the Florida Conference. To obtain the honor patch you must contact the Florida Conference at