Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Regional/Sketching

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Florida Conference


Skill Level Unknown
Year of Introduction: Unknown

Limited Availability

1. Know three types of pens you can use to create a “Pen & Ink” sketch.

2. Know why paper texture is important in choosing your sketch paper.

3. Prepare your own chart, showing the five basic sketching strokes.

4. Using your choice of pen, sketch a fence post with a knothole.

5. Sketch a fence gate from looking at a real one, using the five strokes you have learned.

6. Create an original scene using a tree with leaves, a road, a fence, and something special to you. Make it your impression, not an attempt to create a photo perfect reproduction.

7. Know how a finished sketch should be protected.

8. Know how to clean your sketching pens correctly.

9. Give at least two safety rules concerning the use and handling of Pen & Ink materials.

10. Know how to store your tracing paper and carbon papers to keep them neat and clean.


Important Note about Patch

This honor is a regional honor approved by the Florida Conference. To obtain the honor patch you must contact the Florida Conference at