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Steel Pan
South Caribbean Conference


Skill Level Unknown
Year of Introduction: Unknown

1. By what other names is the steel pan known?

2. From what country did the steel pan originate and is now the national instrument of that country?

3. Give a 500 word (brief) history in writing or an oral presentation to a group of how the steel pan changed from the “Tambu-Bambu” to its modern-day form. Include names of a few pioneers, arrangers and tuners.

4. Describe in writing (300 words-(briefly) how the steel pan is made.

5. Compile a picture scrapbook of varying types of steel pan. Label the pictures identifying the type of steel pan and state its primary function in an orchestra.

6. What unique worldwide distinction does the steel pan have?

7. What equipment is used to extract music from the steel pan? Describe how it is made.

8. What are the E-Pan and the G-Pan?

9. What are steel pan musicians called?

10. Name at least three steel orchestras from Trinidad and Tobago and three from other parts of the world. What is the common name for Steel Pan Orchestras?

11. What was the early attitude of Christian churches to the steel pan being played in church? What caused this attitude?

12. Communicate with at least one Christian who plays the steel pan for church or religious functions, finding out from them how they got started.