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Word Processing
South Pacific Division


Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 2013

Limited Availability



1. a. Briefly describe the meaning of the term ‘word processing’

The use of software to create and format written documents into effective, easy to read, useful works.

1. b. List the hardware needed for word processing.

A computer with screen and keyboard. A printer is also useful but not absolutely required.

2. Demonstrate correct posture while using a keyboard.

Like your mother told you, sit up straight! Hold your hands correctly to avoid strain on the wrists.

3. Demonstrate ability to correctly:

a. Switch on the hardware and open the word processing software.

You will need to find the on switch for the computer and the screen. After the computer boots up, locate the icon for the word processing software and select it so that the software starts.

b. Close all documents and software, then shutdown / turn-off all hardware.

The stability of your computer is enhanced when you first close all programs before shutting down the power.

4. Demonstrate ability to: (Note that this may be done in conjunction with Requirement 5)

The exact process will depend on the type of operating system and word processing software used.

a. Navigate the computer’s document / file storage system (viz Microsoft’s ‘My Documents’)

b. Retrieve / open a document from the computer’s document / file storage system

c. Create a new folder in the computer’s document / file storage system

d. Create a new word-processing document.

e. Give the new document a suitable file name and save it in the appropriate folder in the computer’s document / file storage system. Explain why it is important to ensure that a document being worked on is continually saved and backed up.

f. Ensure the document has its file name and its latest revision clearly noted on the document. Explain why it is important to do so.

5. Create a document consisting of no less than 800 words and which demonstrates skill in applying each of the following. Save and print the document. Make a backup copy.

With various word processing software available and regular updates being issued to that software it is not practical for this answer book to provide comprehensive instructions on these steps. The built in helps in the software should make anything clear you do not understand.

While it seems a little silly to be teaching our "born on computers" Pathfinders how to use a computer, the correct use of word processing software to make documents attractive is a skill often missing in student's lives. Many honors require written reports so why not have the Pathfinders work on the written material for another honor while learning word processing skills.

a. Setting up a document:

i. Save the document in the appropriate folder. Make a new folder if this is best.

ii. Set page orientation: portrait or landscape.

iii. Create a header and footer.

iv. Set margins.

v. Insert automatic page numbering in the header or footer.

vi. Insert the date of the latest revision and the document’s file name in the header or footer.

b. Formatting a document using the following:

i. Fonts: Type (ie Arial etc), Size (ie 12 etc), Style (ie bold), Colour & Underlining.

ii. Text alignment: Left, Centre, Right and Justify.

iii. Line spacing.

iv. Lists and bullets.

v. Numbering of headings.

c. Editing a document by:

i. Copying text.

ii. Moving text.

iii.Correcting spelling and grammar using auto correct.

iv. Searching and replacing words or text.

d. Inserting into a document:

i. A table with headings and a minimum of 3 columns and 5 rows.

ii. A picture or Clip Art.


Some of the first patches issued had a blue Arts and Crafts background which was incorrect. This honor originated in the South Pacific Division so you may need to order the patch from a conference office in that Division.

This honor is an update to the Typewriting Honor.