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Companion/Making Friends

Requirement 1

Discuss how the media strengthens or weakens our relationship with others.

The media is a collection of methods by which people communicate with one another. In most cases, it is for the few to communicate with the many. It includes methods such as:

Newspapers, books, newsletters, magazines, etc
Radio, television
Theater, DVDs, music, streaming
Internet, blogs, social media sites, electronic mailing lists, etc

Advertisers make use of all these forms of media, which is both good and bad. Because of advertisers, many of these forms of media are inexpensive or free to consume. This makes the media available to a much wider audience than would otherwise be possible. However, one must always remember who is paying for the media (the advertisers) and why (to sell a product). Advertisers often work by trying to create a desire for a product - a desire that a person might not otherwise have. If we are not careful, these desires can take over our lives, and the consumer becomes the consumed.

The media keeps us informed of what is going around in the world around us, and forms the basis of modern culture. This gives us the opportunity to share ideas with the people we meet. By using the media, we have a point of commonality between ourselves and others, so we can connect with them.

However, the media also has the capability of drawing us in to the exclusion of other things. Instead of talking with one another, we watch TV. Watching TV is not a social event - it feels about the same when we watch alone or with our friends.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter etc) can be used to draw people together. A Facebook group can help keep members of a youth group connected and informed of upcoming events, even helping facilitating planning. Social media can be a good way to keep track of friends you don't see often. However, social media can become a way of escaping real friendships and reducing interaction to 140 characters. Do we follow this exchange from the hit sitcom Big Bang Theory? Sheldon: " I have a very wide circle! I have 212 friends on MySpace!" Lenard: " Yes, and you never met one of them!" Sheldon: " That's the beauty of it!"

It is up to us to use the media wisely. We can make it a springboard for communicating with others, or we can use it as a substitute for communicating with others.

Requirement 2

Fulfill requirements #1, #2 and #3 of the Cultural Diversity Appreciation Honor.

This Wiki has a page with instructions and tips for earning the Cultural Diversity Appreciation honor.

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Requirement 3

Complete Explorer requirements.

You must complete the requirements listed above this one on the current page.

Requirement 4

Complete the Cultural Diversity Appreciation Honor, if not previously earned.

Besides the three requirements above, there is only one more requirement for this honor.