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Ranger/Making Friends

Requirement 1

Role-play the story of the Good Samaritan and think of ways you can serve your neighbors and carry out three of your ideas.

Read the story of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37 to refresh your memory, then role play the story to make it come alive.

For ideas of how to serve your neighbors, see answers to Requirement 2 (point 10) below.

Requirement 2

Fulfill requirements #1, #5 and #10 of the Family Life Honor.

1. Explain the roles of the father, mother, sister, and brother as given in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy.


Ephesians 5:22-6:4, Colosians 3:18-21, and 1 Peter 3:1-7 have instruction for the family members:

Submit to your husband.
Love your wife.
Obey your parents.
Do not exasperate your children. Train them in the ways of the Lord.

Titus 2 counsels older men and women to be temperate and self-controlled so that they may teach the younger generation to do the same and to love one another.

Spirit of Prophecy

Look through these study guides for relevant questions. Look up the references to read the passage. There are short answers at the end of the study guides.

Another way to do this is to search words like mother, father, son, daughter and child on the online E G White Estate site or the printed Index to Ellen White's writings.

5. Make a list of some of the things your family spends money on. Explain your responsibility to the finances of your family.

Living with your parents

If you are not living on your own, you will need to talk to your parents about this. Before you do though, see how much of the list you can make up yourself. Then talk to them and see if they can add (or subtract) anything from it.

Your responsibilities will vary with your situation, but you almost certainly have some influence on how much your family spends. If you are in the habit of wasting food, or overeating, you can address that yourself. Turn out lights when you leave a room. Close the door when you enter or leave your home so that your family does not pay to heat or air condition the front yard.

Living on your own

If you are living on your own, you should already have a pretty good idea of what you spend money on. Think about this and write it down. If you have never done it before, it can be an enlightening experience. Go through your checkbook and any credit card statements.

Your responsibility to the family finances is nearly total, though it may be shared with a spouse. Make out a budget and stick to it. Do not spend more money than you make, and if you find yourself doing this, look for areas where you can cut back (adjust your thermostat, avoid restaurants, and do not make impulse purchases).

10. List five ways you can show concern for or interest in your neighbors.

A possible list might include:

  • Talk to them!
  • Bring them cookies.
  • Take their dog for a walk.
  • Invite them to our home for a visit.
  • Cut their grass without being asked (but ask them first out of respect).
  • Rake their leaves.
  • Do not park in their assigned parking spaces.
  • Keep your own place looking nice.
  • In snowy weather:
    • Shovel their sidewalk or driveway (or help them do this).
    • Dig out their car.
  • When they are away from home:
    • Offer to care for their pets.
    • Offer to get their mail and newspapers.
    • Keep an eye on their place.

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Requirement 3

Complete Ranger requirements

You must complete the requirements listed above this one on the current page.

Requirement 4

Complete the Family Life Honor, if not previously earned.

This Wiki has a page with instructions and tips for earning the Family Life honor.