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==1. Complete the Prophets & Prophecy Honor.==<!--T:2-->
{{honor_prerequisite|category=Outreach|honor=Prophets & Prophecy}}
==2. What were the roles of a prophet in strengthening the church? ==<!--T:3-->
==3. Explain the various roles Moses fulfilled for God and how some prophets can be more task-oriented rather than prediction-oriented.==<!--T:4-->
==4. List all of the roles of the following prophets:==<!--T:5-->
===a. Samuel===<!--T:6-->
===b. Ezekiel===<!--T:7-->
===c. Hosea===<!--T:8-->
===d. Elijah===<!--T:9-->
===e. Elisha===<!--T:10-->
===f. John the Revelator===<!--T:11-->
===g. Debra===<!--T:12-->
===h. Ellen G.White===<!--T:13-->
==5. Are all of the writings or utterances of the prophets inspired by the Lord? Cite examples and phrases that give clues to support your answer.==<!--T:14-->
==6. Read Revelation 2 concerning the discussion of the seven churches and the messenger that was sent to each church. Discuss if that messenger was indeed a prophet.==<!--T:15-->
==7. Explain how the day-to-year interpretation of biblical time prophecy influenced William Miller and others in their understanding of 1844.==<!--T:16-->
==8. Research three Old Testament prophecies, each describing the birth, life, or death of Jesus Christ.==<!--T:17-->
==9. Choose one of the minor prophets and examine: <br/> The time frame they lived <br/> To whom they prophesied <br/> The core message of the prophecy<br/> The power or principality God used to fulfill the immediate prophecy<br/> The message that is relevant for today==<!--T:18-->
==10. Read Daniel 7 and diagram which portion of the prophecy has come to pass, as well as the portion of the prophecy that is ahead of us.==<!--T:19-->
==11. Study the prophecy of Daniel 7. Compare and contrast the Seventh-day Adventist interpretation of this prophecy to other Protestant churches.==<!--T:20-->
==12. Explain the importance of the Message of John the Revelator to the last day church. Study Revelation 1-4 and 18-22 to become acquainted with John’s message.==<!--T:21-->
==13. Read Joel 2:28-29. Consider and discuss the fact that if we are living in the end time, God may send more prophets.==<!--T:22-->
==14. For every good thing God sends to us, the Devil sends a counterfeit. How do you distinguish a true prophet from a false prophet?==<!--T:23-->
==15. Nostradamus and Rasputin are considered to have many predictions come true. Examine and identify their lives and their prophecies and why we consider them false prophets.==<!--T:24-->
==16. Create a graphical representation of the timeline of the 1260 day and the 2300 day prophecies.==<!--T:25-->
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