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==2. When telephoning for help in an emergency situation, what essential information should be given and who should hang the telephone up last?== <!--T:19-->
Give your name, phone number, the nature of emergency, the location of the emergency, and whether any personal dangers or injuries are present. To make sure the police correctly attach you (and not someone else with a similar name) to the report you should also provide your birthdate and home address once the more important information is provided.  The person making the call to report an emergency should be the last to hang up the telephone. If you ever call 911 by accident do not hang up. Stay on the line and explain your mistake. Otherwise the police will send out a response you do not need, which could endanger others as emergency vehicles rush to your non-emergency.
==3. Demonstrate what emergency first aid measures you should take in the following situations.== <!--T:20-->
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