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feeding wildlife is illegal.
==4. Maintain a tracking station for at least three days by doing the following:== <!--T:58-->
===a. Select a flat open space in some quiet place near your camp or home.===
Do not select a space ''too'' close to your campsite, because you do not want to attract them into your camp. Animals need water, so a really good place to select is around a source of fresh water. River banks, stream banks, near ponds, and the shores of lakes are all good places to find animal tracks. Pigeons often congregate under bridges or parking garages, so that is another good option. However, the place you select must be quiet. Avoid places that are frequented by people.
===b. Smooth out ground, mud, sand, etc.=== <!--T:59-->
===d. Check each day for tracks and replenish food when necessary.=== <!--T:63-->
When camping, remember to store your food {{Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Problematic requirement|Feeding wildlife is illegal in a place where the animals cannot get to it. Seal it tightly many jurisdictions|Check each day for tracks and place it out of the reach of raccoons and bears (both of which are very clever cast or photograph at getting food). Under no circumstances should you store food in a tent - especially in least one that people will be sleeping in. A tent poses no barrier to a hungry skunk. }}