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Cats catch mice and provide friendship. They are used in China and Japan to protect silkworm cocoons from rats.
==109. What animal is known as the king of beasts? Why does it have that title? What is its temperament really like?==
The lion is known as the ''king of the beasts''. This goes back as far as recorded history, for the Greek word for ''lion'' is translated as ''king'' in Latin. The lion gets this distinction because it fears no other animal. It is also said that the lion is named ''king of the beasts'' because of its courage and loyalty. Its courage cannot be doubted, but a lion is not particularly loyal. Male lions are known to take over another male's pride of females by chasing away (or killing) the resident male(s). They often form ''coalitions'' of two to five males and work together to oust other males. When they succeed in doing this, they then kill any cubs in the pride so that the females will be receptive to breeding sooner. The females sometimes attempt to defend their cubs, but this is rarely met with success. These coalitions of males do not limit their activities to a single pride either. A coalition may dominate several prides within their range. Not exactly a model of loyalty! (But then again, neither are human kings).
==1110. Tell the story of Androcles and the lion.==
Androcles was a Roman slave who escaped and took refuge in a cave. One day, a lion entered the cave, limping badly. Androcles examined its paw and removed a large thorn. The lion became cured and tamed by Androcles and also lived in the cave with Androcles until Androcles was later re-captured. Androcles was tried and sentenced to be torn to pieces by a hungry lion. On the fateful day, the lion, chosen to destroy him, began to lick his face and hands with obvious affection instead of eating him. It was the same lion that Androcles befriended in the cave. The authorities were moved by this show of affection. The king pardoned and set Androcles free. They also allowed Androcles to keep the lion as a companion and he walked the streets of Rome with it.
==1211. Relate four stories in the Bible in which a member of the cat family is mentioned.==
* Samson and the lion. (Judges 14)
* David killed a lion and a bear (1 Samuel 17:36)
* Daniel's dream of the lion with wings and leopard with four heads. (Daniel 7)
==912. Identify from pictures or personal observation seven kinds of wild cats. Tell in what part of the world they are found.==
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