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I am currently an Area Coordinator for Central Texas ([1]), and was previously director of the South Austin Inner Lights (SAIL) Pathfinder Club ([2]). I have been involved in Pathfinders on and off since I was 10 and could finally join. I enjoy teaching and leading youth to discovery - discovery in nature, in spirit and in their own capabilities. I have built out helps and study books for the Investiture Achievement ([3]) and for various Pathfinder honors ([4]) for the SAIL club and for Central Texas honor fairs. I am particularly fond of the nature honors, and enjoy working on them during my travels, and teaching them to hopefully instill a love of nature and a joy at finding God through his creation. I view this wiki less as the answer sheet than a starting point for exploration. The honors and the IA are not checklists of requirements to gain felt patches, but rather are the skeleton of more fully shaped study, learning, and experience. I would like to encourage the development and use of more visual materials from within our own Pathfinder clubs to make this honor helps manual truly a reflection of the Pathfinder learning and discovery experience.

Below are the honors I have accomplished, many I am in the process of re-learning to be better prepared to assist in teaching any of them. (The pictures change - on my sash, photography has an old bellows camera, and Native American Lore (Indian Lore when I took it) has a full color headdress.)

Amphibians Honor.png Australian Birds.png Bacteria Honor.png Bats Honor.png Bats Advanced.png Birds Honor.png Cacti Honor.png Cacti Advanced.png Cats Honor.png Cetaceans Honor.png Crustaceans Honor.png Dinosaurs.png Dogs Honor.png Endangered Species.png Ferns Honor.png Flowers Honor.png Fossils Honor.png Fungi Honor.png Geology Honor.png Geology Advanced.png Insects Honor.png Lichens Liverworts and Mosses Honor.png Mammals Honor.png Mammals Advanced.png Marine Invertebrates Honor.png Marine Mammals Honor.png Marsupials Honor.png Meteorites.png Microscopic Life Honor.png Moths and Butterflies Honor.png Mountains.png Odonates Honor.png Odonates Advanced.png Parrots and Cockatoos Honor.png Porifera and Cnidarians Honor.png Poultry Honor.png Reptiles Honor.png Rivers and Streams Honor.png Rocks and Minerals Honor.png Seeds Honor.png Sharks Honor.png Shells Honor.png Shrubs Honor.png Trees Honor.png Waterfalls Honor.png Weather Honor.png Weather Advanced.png Archery Honor.png Backpacking Honor.png Basic Water Safety Honor.png Camp Craft.png Camp Safety.png Camping Skills I.png Camping Skills II.png Camping Skills III.png Camping Skills IV.png Drilling and Marching.png Dutch Oven Honor.png Fire Building.png Geocaching Honor.png Hiking Honor.png Knot Tying Honor.png Orienteering Honor.png Outdoor Leadership Honor.png Scuba Diving Honor.png Scuba Diving Advanced.png Skiing Downhill Honor.png Skin Diving Honor.png Swimming Beginners Honor.png Swimming Beginners Advanced.png Intermediate Swimming Honor.png Winter Camping Honor.png Administration - Pathfinders.png Communications Honor.png Computer Honor.png Computers Advanced.png Electricity Honor.png Internet Honor.png Internet Advanced.png Basic Rescue.png Bones Muscles and Movement Honor.png Chemistry Honor.png CPR Honor.png Digestion Honor.png First Aid Basic Honor.png First Aid Standard Honor.png Heart and Circulation Honor.png Red Alert Honor.png Basic Sewing.png Cooking Honor.png Food Canning Honor.png Housekeeping Honor.png Laundering Honor.png Nutrition Honor.png Pizza Maker.png Airplane-Modeling.png Candle-Making.png Counted-Cross-Stitch.png Digital Photography.png Currency Honor.png Painting Honor.png Leathercraft Advanced.png Leathercraft.png Model Rocketry Honor.png Native American Lore.png Origami Honor.png Photography Honor.png Soapcraft Honor.png Stamps Honor.png Tie-Dye Honor.png Pin Trading.png Christian Citizenship.png Christian Grooming and Manners Honor.png Christian Storytelling.png Cultural Diversity Honor.png Family Life Honor.png Outdated Flags AY Honor.png Gods Messenger.png Junior Youth Leadership Honor.png Sanctuary Honor.png Sign Language Honor.png Disaster Response.png Feeding Ministries.png Serving Communities.png Fruit Growing Honor.png Gardening Honor.png Naturalist Master Award.png Wilderness Master.png Health Master Award.png Artisan Master.png Homemaking Master Award.png