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1. Explain the difference in food value between whole wheat flour and white flour.

2. Describe the effects of yeast in bread making.

3. Give one Old Testament and one New Testament incident where leavening is mentioned.

4. Prepare whole grain bread (can be wheat, rye, oatmeal, etc.).

5. Prepare two of the following:

a. Yeast biscuits

b. Unleavened bread

c. Bread sticks

d. Bagels

e. Vegetable bread

6. Explain why the use of baking powder and soda should be avoided and why the mixture of milk, sugar, and eggs is harmful to health.

7. How do you test a cake for being done? How do you keep a cake from "falling"?

8. Prepare two of the following:

a. Cake from basic ingredients (any flavor)

b. Cake from a mix (any flavor)

c. Fruit or nut cake or loaf cake

d. Sponge cake

9. Make one pie in each of the following categories:

a. Baked, any fruit, including lemon

b. Unbaked (baked pie shell only), fresh fruit, gelatin, etc.

10. Make and bake one recipe of cookies. Make one recipe of refrigerator cookies. It is preferable to use wholesome ingredients such as fruit, oatmeal, nuts, etc.

11. Prepare recipe file for all of the items required above and any others desired. See how many recipes you can find using fruit without large amounts of sugar.