AY Honor Barbering and Hairstyling Requirements

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Barbering and Hairstyling

Skill Level






Approval authority

General Conference

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Barbering and Hairstyling
Skill Level
Approval authority
General Conference
Year of Introduction
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1. Spend a minimum of five hours observing a licensed master barber/hairstylist while at work.

2. Name three essentials in the care of hair.

3. Demonstrate the ability to give a shampoo correctly.

4. Be able to explain and demonstrate at least two methods of cutting hair.

5. Explain and demonstrate the purpose of at least two different kinds of combs used in cutting hair.

6. Explain and demonstrate the purpose of two different kinds of scissors.

7. Explain and demonstrate at least two purposes for the use of a clipper.

8. Write 500 words on what you learned during your apprenticeship.