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Duct Tape

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North American Division

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Duct Tape
Arts, Crafts and Hobbies
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North American Division
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1. List or explain the components of duct tape.

2. Give a 3-5 minute report or create a timeline about the history and development of duct tape.

3. Name three uses of duct tape.

4. List at least three ways that duct tape is used in a professional setting.

5. Outline duct tape safety rules as they relate to general duct tape usage, usage recreationally among young people, and within a craft setting.

6. Demonstrate the ability to tear pieces of duct tape, by hand, in the following lengths without the aid of a knife, scissors, or any other cutting instrument. The tape must not get tangled up or wrinkled.

a. 15 cm (6 inches)

b. 60 cm (2 feet)

c. 150 cm (5 feet)

7. Create a toolkit with the basic items needed for duct tape crafts, including at least three colors/designs of duct tape, cutting mat, scissors, utility knife, tools for residue removal. Demonstrate the ability to use each tool.

8. Create five items from duct tape, such as:

a. Wallet or purse

b. Basket or tote

c. A wearable piece of clothing

d. Holiday decorations

e. Christmas wrapping or bows

f. Simple flower arrangement

g. Toy

h. Items of your choice

9. Build a boat that will float a 2kg (5lb) sack of flour for five minutes while preventing the flour from getting wet. You may use other materials to create a frame, but the majority of the hull should be made from duct tape.

10. Complete the following spiritual lessons on the “stickiness” of duct tape.

a. Read Daniel, chapter 3, and discuss how duct tape can apply to God and the Hebrews in the story.

b. Memorize and recite Proverbs 18:24 and explain how duct tape applies to this verse.

c. Discuss in a group how “sin” can stick to you.

d. Memorize and recite James 4:7 and share your ideas on how sin can get unstuck in our lives.