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1. Name ten families of fishes.

2. Identify from pictures or personal observation ten tropical fishes.

a. Explain their breeding habits.
b. Give the habitat or country in which they are found.

3. Identify from pictures or personal observation ten fishes native to your own country. Explain their feeding and breeding habits.

4. Define the following parts of a fish:

a. Dorsal fin

b. Pectoral fin

c. Pelvic fin

d. Anal fin

e. Caudal fin

f. Lateral line

g. Operculum

h. Barbels

i. Swim bladder

j. Gills

5. State briefly the proper care and feeding of fishes of:

a. Tropical zone
b. Temperate zone

6. Fill an aquarium containing at least five gallons of water with a balance of plants and fishes, either tropical or native, and maintain the same for at least six months.

7. Note the effect of the following on the fishes and aquarium in general:

a. Too much light

b. Too little light

c. Overfeeding

d. Excessive change in water temperature

e. Too few plants and too many fishes