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Non-NAD Approved Honors

Pathfinders is a worldwide ministry! Many different regions across the world approve and provide their own types of AY Honors for their local Pathfinder clubs. You can find many of those location-specific honors and their requirements here.

Keep in mind that NONE of these honors are approved by the North American Division or the General Conference. Therefore, their patches are NOT available at AdventSource.

Anyone is free to work on these regional honors; however, you will need to obtain the patch from the sponsoring organization, as it will not be stocked outside the offering region.

SPD Territory in White.png

Honors only available in the South Pacific Division

SAD Territory in White.png

Honors only available in the South American Division

Regional Arrows in White.png

Honors only available from certain Unions and Conferences

ADRA Logo White.png

Honors only available through ADRA