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Swimming - Intermediate

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Swimming - Intermediate
Skill Level
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General Conference
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Prologue: Complete the Red Cross Swimming level V - Stroke Refinement or the following:

1. Demonstrate alternate breathing.

2. Demonstrate stride jump entry.

3. Demonstrate standing dive from board.

4. Demonstrate long shallow dive.

5. Swim breaststroke--ten yards.

6. Swim side stroke--ten yards.

7. Swim underwater-15 yards.

8. Swim elementary backstroke--25 yards.

9. Demonstrate dolphin kick--10 yards.

10. Swim front crawl--50 yards.

11. Swim back crawl--10 yards.

12. Demonstrate open turn on front.

13. Demonstrate open turn on back.

14. Discuss safe rules for diving from a board.

15. Discuss recognition of spinal injury.

16. Demonstrate hip/shoulder support.

17. Demonstrate feet-first surface dive.

18. Tread water for two minutes total with two different kicks.