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General Conference

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Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
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General Conference
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1. Memorize and sign the Temperance Pledge:

2. Memorize two of the following Bible texts and two of the following quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White:

a. Bible Texts

i. Romans 12:1,2

ii. 1 Corinthians 10:31

iii. 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20

iv. Proverbs 20:1

v. Galatians 5:22, 23

vi. 3 John 2

b. Writings of Ellen G. White

i. Temperance, p. 3

ii. Counsels on Diet and Foods, p. 428

iii. Temperance, p. 201

iv. Temperance, p. 113

v. Ministry of Healing, p. 327-328

3. Do four of the following:

a. Write and deliver a five-to eight-minute speech (oration)

b. Write an essay on alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or physical fitness of 150 to 200 words and your commitment to a healthy lifestyle

c. Write a four-line jingle on a Drug Prevention topic.

d. Draw/make a poster 22 x 28 inches (55.9 x 63.5 cm) that tells about the harmful effects of a drug, tobacco, or alcohol

e. Make a substance abuse exhibit for a local shopping mall, library, or school

f. Make a scrapbook of at least 20 pages showing various Drug Prevention advertisements

g. Share with at least five other persons (excluding your immediate relatives) what you have accomplished from the above list and obtain their signed Temperance Pledges

4. Know and explain:

a. The reason behind the warning on the cigarette packet: “Warning—smoking is a health hazard”

b. Seven ingredients of tobacco smoke:

i. Nicotine

ii. Arsenic

iii. Formaldehyde

iv. Carbon monoxide

v. Cyanide

vi. Phenolbenzophyrine

vii. Amonia

c. Emphysema, cirrhosis, addiction

d. The effects of tobacco, alcohol, drugs and pregnancy

5. Read the chapter “Stimulants and Narcotics” in Ministry of Healing. Be able to discuss briefly or provide a written summary approximately two or three paragraphs in length.

6. After studying the following materials, list three things that contribute to temperance and good health. (Other than abstaining from that which is harmful.)

a. Temperance page 139 paragraph 1

b. Counsels on Diet and Foods, page 406 paragraph 1

c. Temperance page 140 paragraph 2

d. Temperance page 142 paragraph 3

e. Counsels on Health, page 127 paragraph 4

f. Temperance page 147 paragraph 3

7. Discuss the following situations and role-play what you would do if:

a. Your best friend asks you to try a cigarette.
b. A classmate offers you money to sell marijuana.
c. An older relative offers you a drink of beer.
d. The smoke from a stranger’s cigarette is bothering you.
e. A friend asks you to smoke marijuana.
f. You are at a party with a friend, he gets drunk and insists on driving you home.