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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Household Arts/Household Budgeting/Requirements

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Household Budgeting

Authority: South American Division
Category: Household Arts
Skill Level: 1
Year Introduced: 2012
Family Budgeting.png


1. What is a household budget and what is the importance of having one?

2. Make a list of your family's expenses and classify them as necessary, useful and superfluous.

3. Check your family's shopping list for grocery and hygiene products. Are all the items really necessary?

4. What is the best day and place to get vegetables, fruits and greens in your neighborhood?

5. What can you and your family do to save on water, electricity and telephone?

6. What is inflation?

7. What taxes does your family have to pay?

8. What kind of shopping should never be done with credit? why?

9. What is interest? How should it be calculated?

10. Investigate what is the interest rate and what are the financial responsibilities in the lines of credit lines for the following:

a. Credit card

b. Overdraft

c. Personal loan

11. What measures should be taken when the family is in debt?

12. What percent of the household income should be saved?

13. Investigate at least two methods besides a passbook to invest money saved. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

14. Do the following:

a. Write and endorse a check

b. Write a receipt

c. Pay for tickets and/or an invoice at an ATM

15. Keep a personal budget and a log of money coming in and out for six months.

16. Make a family budget and keep an accurate record of inputs and outputs for six months (Pathfinders and youths can do this together with parents); those who live on farms can make records of farming, dairy and livestock.

17. Read Malachi 3:8-12 and write a minimum of 250 words about the meaning of being a faithful steward.

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