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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Drilling & Marching - Advanced

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Drilling & Marching - Advanced
General Conference


Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 1976

Earning this honor meets a requirement for:

1. Have the Drilling and Marching Honor.

This Wiki has a page with instructions and tips for earning the Drilling & Marching honor.

2. With a unit guidon, demonstrate the following basic positions:

a. Order Guidon

Order Guidon is basically like standing at ATTENTION. The guidon rests on the ground next to your right foot. The staff of the guidon is held between your thumb and index finger and rests against your shoulder. Your right arm should remain behind the staff of the guidon. When doing ABOUT FACE, LEFT FACE, or RIGHT FACE, lift the guidon 1 or 2 inches off the ground while turning and then return the guidon to the ground as before.

b. Carry Guidon

Carry Guidon refers to how a guidon is to be held while moving. When FORWARD MARCH is called the guidon is lifted 6 inches off the ground. When the drill instructor calls "FORWARD" you lift the guidon 6 inches with your right arm, then hold the guidon staff with your left arm reaching across your chest while sliding your right hand back down 6 inches to hold the guidon while marching. When the drill instructor calls "MARCH" you then drop your left arm back to your side while stepping forward with your left foot (just as you would when marching any other time). To lower the guidon when finished moving (when the drill instructor calls HALT), take your left arm across your chest to steady the guidon and then let it gently slide to the ground. Once the guidon is resting on the ground again, drop your left arm back to your side.

c. Salute at Order

d. Salute at Carry

e. Present Guidon

Present Guidon continues further from the position of "Raised Guidon." On the command of execution for PRESENT ARMS or EYES RIGHT, gently lower the guidon staff forward from the "Raised Guidon" position until it is horizontal with the guidon staff resting under your right armpit. Then return your left hand to your side. When doing EYES RIGHT don't forget to not only present the guidon, but also turn your head to the right as well. When lowering the guidon from presentation, grasp the guidon staff with your left hand and raise it to the position of "Raised Guidon" at the preparatory command. When the command of execution is called, lower the guidon to either the carry position or the rest position.

f. Raise Guidon

Raise Guidon is the act of lifting the guidon from the order position. To raise the guidon, lift the staff with your right hand until it reaches your right shoulder. Reach across your chest with your left arm (make sure your palm is facing towards your body) to steady the guidon as it is being raised. Keep your right elbow at your side while executing a command. To lower the guidon, gently let the staff slide to the ground and then return your left arm to your side.

3. Demonstrate how and when to use the guidon's basic position during all drill commands.

4. Be a member of an active drill team that has performed at least twice in the past year in a special community, conference, or public activity.

5. Demonstrate ability to keep in step with the drill team and move as a part of it at all times.

6. As a member of a drill team, do four fancy (precision) drill routines, at least one of which includes combination commands.

7. Command a drill team of at least four people, putting the team through basic maneuvers, starting directional commands on the proper foot, and distinguishing between preparatory commands and commands of execution.

8. Command an entire Pathfinder Club in at least ten basic drill movements, including Open Ranks.

9. With a unit (or a selected flag guard), formally raise and lower the national flag at a summer camp ceremony, a special Pathfinder meeting, Pathfinder Day program, camporee, or some similar program or ceremony. Also demonstrate posting the national and Pathfinder flag.


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