The NAD Team has come up with a list of honors that can possibly be earned at home during the COVID-19 shut-down.
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El liderazgo de la División Norteamericana he creado una lista de especialidades que posiblemente se pueden desarrollar en casa durante la cuarentena del COVID-19.
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Libro de respuestas de especialidades JA/Actividades vocacionales/Administración

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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book | Vocational
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South American Division


Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 2012

1. Define administration and what is its importance in the different aspects of daily life.

2. Define the following terms of administration:

a. Accrue

b. Organize

c. Command

d. Coordinate

e. Control

3. Tell the difference between efficient and effective.

4. According to Maslow's theory of motivation, human needs as are organized and arranged in a hierarchy of levels of importance and influence. Explain these needs, also known as Maslow's pyramid.

5. Leadership is present in many moments of life. Write an essay (of 20 to 40 lines) describing the importance of leadership in administration.

6. Make a flow chart of the organization of the Pathfinder club, in all its levels (worldly and nationally), highlighting the club you belong to.

7. Define planning and its importance in the Pathfinder club.

8. Develop a year plan of Pathfinder activities, including plans for the regular and advanced classes, containing goals, strategies, action plans and ways to control each stage. Execute this plan for at least 6 months.

9. Define the MASP (Method of Analysis and Solutions to Problems) method and discuss the importance of analyzing problems a club faces and finding solutions.

10. Find a Bible study that shows the importance of administration.