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Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Vocational/Semaphore Code

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Semaphore Code
South American Division


Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 2012

Limited Availability

1. In an essay of at least 300 words, tell the history of the Semaphore Code, and mention its differences and similarities with other codes.

2. Individually or with the unit, perform one of the following activities:

a. Create a pair of flags of standard size (45 cm x 45 cm) with two predominant colors.

b. Make a pair of flashlight cones.

c. Create a pair of signs from natural materials.

3. Transmit one of the following items, using a maximum of three seconds for each character or letter, with a minimum distance of 300 to 500 m from one group to the other:

a. Two Bible verses.

b. One of the Pathfinder Club ideals.

c. A "surprise" (without prior notice) text (dialogue) defined by the instructor.

4. Repeat requirement 3 in the following situations:

a. In a camp during the day.

b. In a camp during the night.

5. Define the following signals:

a. Attention

b. Error

c. Numeral

d. Alphabet

e. Pause

f. End of sentence

g. End of the message

6. Individually or with the unit, make a creative table showing all the numeral, alphabetic and signaling characters.