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Welcome to the NAD Pathfinders Wiki. This site contains Pathfinder resources created and maintained by the Pathfinder Community. Who is the Pathfinder Community? You are!

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This Wiki serves as the NAD's Official Honors resource, and includes the requirements and answer key to all honors adopted at the division level and above.

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Investiture Achievement is the new Pathfinder curriculum adopted by the North American Division (NAD) in 2011 to update and replace the AY curriculum. The material here is to serve as the new Instructors Manual for IA teachers.

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Achievement Classes is the latest version of Adventist Youth/Pathfinder curriculum approved by the General Conference Youth Ministries Department. Only Pathfinders outside the North American Division should follow these requirements.


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  1. ^ Images of Pathfinder and Investiture Achievement insignia (honor patches, etc) are available for use only in connection with Pathfinder Ministries.