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 h Spanish (es){| align=center style="background-color: #F7F7FF; border="0" cellspacing="4" cellpadding="4" width="90%"
{{stage short|00%}} [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/ADRA/Literacy/es|Alfabetización]] <br />
{{stage short|00%}} [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/ADRA/Disaster Response/es|Auxilio de las Catástrofes]] <br />
{{stage short|00%}} [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/ADRA/Disaster Response - Advanced/es|Auxilio de las Catástrofes - Avanzado]] <br />
{{stage short|00%}} [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/ADRA/Hunger Relief/es|Ayuda Alimenticia]]<br />
{{stage short|00%}} [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/ADRA/Community Development/es|Desarrollo Comunitario]] <br />
{{stage short|00%}} [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/ADRA/Community Assessment/es|Evaluación Comunitaria]] <br />
{{stage short|00%}} [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/ADRA/Refugee Resettlement/es|Reasentamiento a los Refugiados]] <br />
{{stage short|00%}} [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/ADRA/Conflict Resolution/es|Resolución de Conflictos]] <br />
{{stage short|00%}} [[Adventist_Youth_Honors_Answer_Book/ADRA/Community Service/es|Servicio Comunitario]] <br />