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This template displays a header at the top of an honor requirements page.

If a page argument is given, it will display the header for that page.

Otherwise it assumes that the parent page is an honor page and display a header for that.

If an honorname argument is given, it will display that as the honor name at the top.

Otherwise, it will try to pull the honorname from the page argument (or from PAGENAME if no page is given) using #titleparts (starting at the third element of the page name, and displaying only one element). The honorname argument might be useful for translations.


  • I've not tried to make this look nice. I've been concentrating on the mechanics. Feel free to fix the aesthetics!
  • DONE: Add the year of introduction (we need to get #switchcategory working or this will be an insane errand).
  • DONE: Add the insignia. We might want to create an insignia page at AYHAB/<category>/<honor>/Insignia for each honor and just include that. I don't think we can fish the insignia out of the honor, but maybe DPL can manage somehow. If it can, it could also extract the year from the parent's honor_desc as well.
  • DONE: Add the approval authority.