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Adventist Pioneer Heritage
Spiritual Growth, Outreach and Heritage
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Travel to different landmarks from Adventist history! Learn and retell about the experiences of the first church leaders and how their lives, guided by the Holy Spirit, impacted the world! Make a game or act in a skit about any of those exciting stories! And you thought Adventist history would be boring...

The most challenging requirement of this honor is probably this:

10. As an individual or with a group complete one of the following:

a. Create and present a detailed poster or multimedia display (video/presentation) covering a portion of Adventist Heritage that you have learned.

b. Write and perform a skit that tells part of the Adventist Heritage story. Present it to younger Pathfinders, Adventurers or other younger group of individuals.

c. Create a completely playable game about Adventist Heritage. Demonstrate the game to your instructor or a group.

d. Visit an official Adventist Heritage site within your conference, union, or division and go on a tour. Debrief your experience with a group. If feasible, create a multimedia report of your experience.