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1. What are the characteristics of amphibians?

2. Name the two main orders of amphibia and tell how to distinguish between them.

3. Distinguish between toads and frogs.

4. How do amphibians protect themselves?

5. Make a list of amphibians that should be found in your locality. Identify five and tell where you found them. OR Collect pictures or sketch five different amphibians which you can identify and tell where they are found.

6. Describe the life history of some amphibian.

7. Explain the economic value of amphibians.

8. Where do toads spend the winter or dry season?

9. Identify two species of frogs by their sound or imitate the sounds of two different species of frogs.

10. How do frogs and toads sing? What makes the noise so loud?

11. Do one of the following:

a. Observe a toad in your yard or neighborhood to find out.
(1) Where and when it sleeps,
(2) When it leaves its home for food,
(3) How fast it can travel,
(4) How far it can jump, and as many other interesting things as you can find out about it, and write an essay covering the details requested in the first section of this question.

b. Hatch some amphibian eggs and watch them through their growth cycle and write an essay covering the details.